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Liviu Pavel Ciot

3604, Preston Pointe Way

Cumming, GA 30041

Cell: (470) 306 6556



Responsible minister with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 8 years of teaching/preaching experience. Motivated, enthusiastic educator with 5+ years’ experience in administration of school and health center

Core Qualifications

  • Goal Setting and Implementation
  • Instructional Methods
  • Problem Solving
  • Administrative Management


  • Counseling
  • Community Involvement
  • Family Involvement
  • Public Relations

Team Building and Leadership

  • Created collaborative church experience through all departments of the church.


  • Served as student mentor and counselor for students when academic problems and personal adjustments arose, meeting with guardians to reach solutions. Also served as members and families counselor when spiritual issues came up, listening their needs, praying with them and finding solutions for soling their problems. Very successful in this area

Community Service

  • Served as different programs and activities in the area, helping poor families, working for community, and teaching in the state schools health programs and human trafficking programs to students.    

Professional Experience

Pastor Assistant, President, Director

Moldavian Union of Churches, Speranta Lifestyle Health Centre, Adventist Umanitary School ProLogos

Advised families, parents and students,

Chaired committees and church departments, also school

Collaborated with state departments in the area, and also governments institutions and people,

Coordinated school curricula and classes,

Developed strategies of teaching and serving,

Directed school and health center,

Guided students and church members,

Presented studies and seminars for the church and school also for the different state institutions like City Hall,

Supported poor people and families,

Trained students and young people at school and different meetings, camps.

Education and Training

2012 - 2018 Master of Arts in Religion Andrews University

2001 – 2007 Adventist Theological Institute

2000 – 2001 Medical – Missionary School CSMPR Herghelia, Romania - Health Educator.

1994 – 1999 University of Psychology Licenced in Psychology. Specialty Psychology and Professor of psychology

1990-1992 Professional School Profile – Mine Electrician


MA (Master of Arts) in Religion - 2018 - present

Licensed in Theology 2007 - present

Health Educator - 2002

Licensed in psychology 1999

Electrician - 1992

 Community Involvement

TinSerV programs for the City Hall

Family seminaries for the City Hall

Quitting smoke programs

Health Expo's for different cities, schools, hospitals, organizations


Curriculum Vitae - Liviu Pavel Ciot

Nu cred ca ar interesa pe cineva, dar mă rog, am pus și curriculum vitae poate cineva chiar dorește să mă cunoască și mai îndeaproape. Este în limba engleză și sper că nu se simte nimeni ofensat :)