Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Religion is an Andrews University program for students who want to grow in knowledge and develop themselves in a better theological experience in advanced studies. 

With the help of God I have finished the MA and am so happy about it.

Master of Arts in Religion

Master, why?

I chose the MA in Religion of desire to receive that education that brings me to a deeper knolwdge of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. The purpose I attending the MA in Religion is very large yet precise one. First of all, I really want to grow up in the knowledge of our Lord by studying the theological issues of the Bible, to know God better and better and also to discover higher levels of faith. Secondly, a big reason of beeing here is to learn how better take care of the church members and better serve the people around. According the times we are living these days, I mean the deceptions in the religious world, I have chosen to study the MA in religion to answer those deceptions and also to keep the church clean of all these errors. Third reason I am here it's my personal life that must to be restored in the image of my dearest Lord Jesus. 
Ellen G. White wrote: "The true object of education is to restore the image of God in the soul. In the beginning God created man in His own likeness. He endowed him with noble qualities. His mind was well balanced, and all the powers of his being were harmonious. But the Fall and its effects have perverted these gifts. Sin has marred and well-nigh obliterated the image of God in man. It was to restore this that the plan of salvation was devised, and a life of probation was granted to man.”- Ellen G. White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 595. 

God is the Fountain of life. And when we choose to drink from this Fountain we prepare ourselves to grow and reach the highest standards of education. My decision is to learn how to arrive there. And I believe at the MA in Religion I can reach that purpose. 

In conclusion I would say that wasn't me who chose the MA but God has choosen me to discover Him, to know Him, to receive Him and to share Him in this times of the end of the world. I praise Him.